Christine Gerrard Holistic Therapist

Aftercare Advice


To ensure that you receive the maximum benefit of your treatment it is advisable to…

  • Rest and relax although you can do gentle activities
  • Drink plenty of water/herbal tea as this will help to flush out the toxins
  • Try to limit drinks containing caffeine as these will reintroduce toxins back into your body
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol immediately after having a therapy
  • Try to eat a light meal after treatment as digestion of a heavy meal will divert energy away from the healing process

It is natural for your body to respond after treatment as your body begins to eliminate accumulated toxins. Occasionally after a treatment it is possible that you could experience any of the following…
Nausea, tiredness, headaches, faintness, aching muscles, heightened emotions, change in frequency and strength of urine.

These after effects are usually very short lived but please do not hesitate to contact me if you are at all concerned.

I was amazed to feel so many sensations throughout the treatment which were connected to the reflex points. I felt totally relaxed and all my tension was released.


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