Christine Gerrard Holistic Therapist


  • I never want the treatment to end, it’s so soothing and I feel glowing, relaxed and floaty when I come away.

  • Arrived tense and felt wonderfully de-stressed after my Aromatherapy.

  • After weeks of feeling very run down and suffering from acute sinusitis I made an appointment and was given a personalised treatment plan which involved a massage focusing on the pressure points of my face and lymphatic drainage, Hopi candling and Reflexology. The combination of therapies immediately made me felt better as the pressure in my head eased and I felt a release from pain and the draining of my sinuses. My hearing was improved and I felt calmer and more energized. I was also given an Aromatherapy inhalation to use at home which I found very effective. I really appreciated all the care and attention that I received.

  • Chris was so compassionate, polite and friendly and completely put me at ease.

  • I felt very at ease and the massage was very calming.

  • I was treated in a very professional and caring manner. It was a lovely relaxing treatment.

  • I was amazed to feel so many sensations throughout the treatment which were connected to the reflex points. I felt totally relaxed and all my tension was released.

  • I really enjoyed the hot stone massage – you definitely have a magic touch! The therapy room is a haven of tranquillity, warm with fragrant aromatherapy oils burning.

  • Chris was very professional and Reflexology was a lovely experience – the atmosphere was friendly and calming.

  • Chris has a wonderful ability to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. She is a truly holistic and most competent practitioner.


Tel: 0774 330 1635